University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care
T32 Physician Postdoctoral Research Training in Perioperative Medicine (PPRTPM)

Our training program is established to train both clinical researchers and laboratory investigators in the field of anesthesiology/perioperative medicine, specifically in four thematically related research interest groups: I) Perioperative Neuroscience and Pharmacology; II) Perioperative Cardiovascular Medicine; III) Perioperative Pain Medicine; and IV) Systems Approaches in Perioperative Medicine. A major educational element of our program structure is the making of a MSCE curriculum, or an alternative master's degree, a required component. The program will include the following major components for all research trainees: 1) Didactic courses, 2) Mentored research, 3) Career development activities, and 4) Programmatic interactions.

The aims of the PPRTPM are to:

The objectives of the PPRTPM are to: