University of California – San Francisco

The UCSF Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care’s T32 training grant program provides in-depth research training to individuals who are committed to pursuing basic, translational or clinical research focused on anesthesiology, critical care medicine and the surgical sciences. Our trainees learn state-of-the-art research methods, the fundamentals of posing research questions, and the critical thinking involved with analyzing data and reporting their results. Through mentored research and formalized didactic training, seminars and conferences, trainees learn to design and conduct experiments, to write grants, to perform appropriate statistical analyses, and to understand the regulations and ethical issues involved in research. Our program to optimizes interactions between trainees and the talented basic and clinician sciences faculty members at UCSF, and produce high quality researchers capable of collaborating with clinical and basic science investigators. Faculty members are engaged in research on a broad range of topics, including (1) Critical Care, (2) Genomics, Outcomes Research and Bioinformatics, (3) Neurosciences, Pain and Addiction, and (4) Vascular Biology and Bioengineering. Faculty members come from within our own department as well as from multiple clinical and basic science departments across the UCSF campuses. We focus our recruitment towards anesthesiologist-scientists, but we occasionally accept physician trainees from other clinical disciplines or full-time PhD scientists pursuing research in areas relevant to anesthesiology. We require at minimum a 2-year commitment to post-doctoral research training. Our T32 program is structured to train investigators to become independent investigators doing research on a wide range of topics, and to lay the groundwork for their development into leaders in academic anesthesiology.