Medical College of Wisconsin

The broad objective of the Medical College of Wisconsin Anesthesiology Research Training Program is to provide a subset of outstanding MD and PhD investigators trained to conduct precise and impeccable basic and clinical research of relevance to anesthesiology and perioperative medicine. We are in year one of the second 5 years of NIH T-32 grant support designed to develop competent investigative anesthesiologists, and basic scientists suitable for entry level, full-time academic faculty positions and to prepare these individuals for productive academic careers including the ability to acquire extramural research funding. In the prior 12 month period, past and current trainees on the T-32 have 16 peer reviewed publications. We currently have 3 MD/PhD trainees participating on the grant. Their program includes a core curriculum of graduate studies as well as elective courses in multiple specialized areas. This is supplemental to the intensive research training in the individual laboratories of various preceptors. Each is mixing 4-6 months of research training annually with clinical training in a 60 month curriculum to achieve ABA certification.

Our Department enjoys a number of productive physician scientists to serve as role models and to provide career guidance for the trainees. We believe that our trainees immersed into this rich environment will continue to meet the research needs of the specialty of anesthesiology in the future.