New York Medical College

St Joseph Hospital and Regional Medical Center
Paterson, NJ

Future Leadership Roles of Anesthesiologists in Health Care

We recognize that as physicians we need to be leaders, particularly in this era of health care transformation. To address this need, we have developed a curriculum to assist our residents in the development of essential leadership skills as well as provide them with additional opportunity for education and discussion concerning health care reform. This program is divided into modules and includes content ranging from health care reform and the Accountable Care Act to emotional intelligence, styles of leadership, leading teams, quality and process management, basic finance, contract evaluations, and the payer-provider relationship. It is our goal to ensure residents are not only capable physicians, but individuals who understand their role as future leaders with skills to improve quality, safety and efficiency in perioperative care, champion performance improvement efforts involving multidisciplinary teams and appreciate the value of collaboration, communication and influence.