AACPD Candidate – Hong

Caron Hong, M.D., M.Sc.

University of Maryland School of Medicine

I am a well-rounded candidate and have membership in many major societies including the Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA), have been recognized for teaching and research, hold leadership roles in many departmental and institutional committees for education and patient safety and quality improvement and extensive teaching and mentoring at the resident, fellow and medical student level. I am also established academically and have had national research funding as well. As our department’s core program director, I have guided our program to continued success with current accreditation and no citations or issues. I have enjoyed and learned an immense amount during my career development as program director and am looking forward to contributing at the national level for our specialty through AACPD.

I hope to continue to make contributions, at the local and national levels, in academia and education. I am very excited about the possible opportunity to serve as an AACPD council member and will assure that, if elected, I will put every effort towards meaningful and fruitful contributions to the AACPD during my term and play an integral role in academics in our specialty.