AACPD Candidate – Ellinas

Herodotos Ellinas, MD, FAAP/FACP

Medical College of Wisconsin

Great teachers shape our lives, and we remember and value their contribution. Whenever I go back to my home country, I visit three of my high school teachers-Chemistry, English and Math-all of whom played a pivotal role in shaping my career in education. They instilled in me the curiosity to seek new ideas and the determination to implement them. Since arriving in the US in 1984, teaching roles in medical school and in the clinical setting as faculty have provided me with opportunities to observe, create and assess curricula.

I have been in education leadership since residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin where I was one of two chief residents. After my fellowship at Boston Children’s, I returned to my home institution where I initially assumed the associate program director (PD) role for the PGY1 curriculum only to ascend to the PD and subsequently to the residency program PD. In my current role as residency program director, I have been challenged by curricular changes and by governing bodies and hospital regulation adjustments but have been able to develop innovative approaches that deliver superb anesthesiology training to our large program. I developed a wellness program that includes diversity training, conflict resolution and learning discussions within social gatherings, and am currently implementing a new CA-1 curriculum. These curricular changes have been discussed among members of the master’s program (MHPE). To further develop my own skills, I have enrolled in a master’s program (MHPE-U of Michigan) which I feel confident will foster success both personally and for our residency.

Why pursue this role? I have been a member of the Council for the past year and I feel that I have contributed to discussions about future directions of our Society and in successfully planning a rich agenda for the upcoming November meeting. I intend to continue to pursue my Council membership with the same positive attitude and zest for learning with which I have approached all the educational aspects of my life. I still view this membership as an opportunity in my continual quest for knowledge and personal growth, as well as leadership and management development, and I believe that I have the skill set, background, and personality to successfully meet this fresh pursuit.

What is my vision as a Council member? I aspire to work as a member of a team to shape the future of educators in our specialty by promoting sustainable collaborative programs and disseminate them nationwide. We need to promote integration of allied health professionals in the operating room, create virtual learning communities, and have wellness be the driver of all educational designs.