AAPAE Candidate – Wood

Erin M. Wood, MS

Washington University School of Medicine

Statement of Interest

Over the last year, the AAPAE has served as a source of inspiration, support, and learning on a level that I could never have hoped to obtain on my own or through my local GME. Supporting the ongoing efforts of the council seems like the best way to ensure a continuance of this great community!

On a personal level, my interest in the Secretary position is two-fold:

1) I'm passionate about creating materials for new program coordinators, to help guide them through their first 1-2 years of the program life cycle. If not already underway, I would like to lead a small group of experienced coordinators in drafting the framework of this guide, and inviting the group members to fill in their best practices and things to watch out for.

2) I would eventually like to grow into the membership and mentor-ship role on the committee, but feel it is important to build a strong foundational knowledge of the committee, the group members, and the needs of the AAPAE community before doing so. Serving as Secretary for two years would allow me to do so in a meaningful and productive way.


Erin M Wood is a Program Coordinator with the Department of Anesthesiology Residency Program at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. During her time at WashU, Erin has been privileged to work with the Academic Scholars Advancement Program (ASAP) and support to the department's NIH T32 appointees, thriving on the goal of building more robust pathways for future physician-scientists to achieve their goals. In her off hours, Erin can be found cycling nearby trails or tending the garden with her flock of chickens in downtown St. Louis, MO.