AAPAE Candidate – Morris

Susan Morris, MSHROD

Duke University

Statement of Interest

Since joining AAPAE in 2018 I have been impressed with this organization’s ability to meaningfully impact anesthesiology education, through the sharing of best practices, disseminating new regulatory requirements and helping us all advance our knowledge, to change for the good ACGME program administration, and education. My personal ACGME experience has included a diversity of support roles over the past 16 years, including residency and fellowship programs (University of Michigan, Anesthesiology 2006-16, Electrophysiology 2005-6, Duke, 2016-present, ACTA, CCM, and Perioperative Medicine), and most recently a department leadership role since 2017 as Coordinator of the Office of Fellowship Education overseeing collaboration among nine Duke anesthesiology fellowships (38 trainees), working with our Vice Chair of Education, and Director of Fellowship Education. Beyond adding efficiency to traditional activities, this structure has spun off numerous innovative advances locally, including weekly seminars that help small programs keep up with wellness activities and meeting ACGME requirements, efforts that enhance onboard/off-boarding and graduations, creation of new in-person and online training programs, and the development of virtual education platforms. Underpinning my nomination is a desire to serve the AAPAE community and seek an exciting future for our organization, as it continues to grow with anesthesiology education, facing many new challenges, and with them the evolution and expansion of our entrusted responsibilities from our anesthesiology educator colleagues.


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