AAPAE Candidate – Moquin

Rachel Moquin, EdD, MA

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Statement of Interest

Thank you so much for considering my nomination for the Assessment and Scholarship Councilor position! I was extremely excited to see this position open, as I believe this role aligns well with my interests, knowledge, and skills. The AAPAE is such a wonderful, collaborative organization and I would love to be able to invest time and energy into supporting the excellent work the Council does through this position.

The two described key functions of this position align well with my current work and areas that I am passionate about: 1) being responsible for all association assessments and 2) supporting association scholarship activity. In my current role, I frequently develop needs assessment surveys, analyze results, and create action plans to address identified needs of various groups and individuals. I imagine a key function of this Councilor position would be to review our organizational goals and assess our progress toward these goals. Organizational improvement is an iterative process, one that calls for constant review, reflection, and willingness to celebrate strengths and take risks to address areas for growth. I am passionate about effective survey design and program evaluation, and would enjoy leveraging those skills in this role.

Additionally, this position being tasked with supporting scholarship activity is very exciting to me. I would love to provide support/mentorship in areas of scholarship to our members and provide intentional spaces for scholarly activities within our organization. This facet of the role also aligns well with my role at my institution, in which I support faculty and clinician educators in their medical education scholarship and pursuits.

Most of all, I have a strong desire to give back to this organization that has been such a welcoming, positive, and supportive place for me as I have been finding my way in the field of medical education. The AAPAE has provided spaces where I have found incredible mentors, identified project collaborators, developed friendships, sought answers to questions, and honed my presentation skills. Serving on the Council would allow me to continue fostering those types of spaces for our membership. I would bring a highly collaborative nature to the Council and would be excited to support all positions in any ways that might be needed. Again, I appreciate your consideration and look forward to continued collaboration with you all! 


Rachel Moquin, EdD, MA, is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Learning and Development in the Department of Anesthesiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Moquin received her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Mississippi and her Doctoral degree in Education Leadership and Policy from Vanderbilt University. In previous roles, she has served as a professor in graduate teacher training programs and has provided professional development and mentoring for faculty in the areas of quality instructional practices, integration of adult learning theory into educator practice, and curriculum design and assessment. Dr. Moquin currently works as an education specialist, primarily focused on enhancing the teaching skills of clinician educators, as well as supporting faculty in educational scholarship and research, curriculum and assessment design, and mentorship of residents. Her key areas of interest are qualitative research methods, effective feedback practices, active learning and learner engagement, and learner remediation.