AAPAE Candidate – DiLorenzo

Amy DiLorenzo, PhD, MA

University of Kentucky

Statement of Interest

I had the opportunity to serve as the Councilor for Mentorship early on in the development of the AAPAE. I have enjoyed seeing the growth of our organization and would love to become more involved again on the Council. I recently completed my PhD in Educational Leadership and now have additional time to devote to service to the Council.

There are some ACGME accredited Anesthesiology programs that are not members of AAPAE, and some who are members but who have not listed their program coordinator to encourage their participation. As the Councilor for Membership, I would be interested in encouraging all eligible programs to become members of the AAPAE, and providing this professional development opportunity for their Program Coordinators, Administrators, and Education Specialists. I believe that participation in the AAPAE is a wonderful networking and professional growth opportunity for our community, and I would like to encourage all programs to take part and afford this opportunity to all who would like it. I want all of our members to have the maximum benefit from their participation in the organization and it would be an honor to serve in this capacity. Thank you for your consideration!

Amy DiLorenzo, PhD, MA has been a member of the University of Kentucky Department of Anesthesiology faculty since 2008 where she serves the department as a Senior Lecturer. In addition, she is the Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation and Scholarship for UK Graduate Medical Education. Amy is an Education Specialist with experience in assessment, quality improvement, simulation education, curriculum development, and faculty development. Amy has been a co-investigator on grants related to resident knowledge acquisition, educational development, and patient safety. She has been featured for national speaking engagements on learning techniques, and educational methodology, and has co-authored more than 30 peer reviewed manuscripts and book chapters. On a personal note, she is a mom to two sons, a daughter, and an English Bulldog. She enjoys being a band/track/cheer mom, horseback riding, volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House, and anything in the great-outdoors!