AACPD Candidate – Martinelli

Susan Martinelli, MD, FASA

University of North Carolina

I am a Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of North Carolina. I served as an APD for 11 years prior to moving into the role of Residency Program Director 2 years ago. I have been serving as an AACPD Council Member since Nov 2021 and would love the opportunity to continue in this role. The AACPD is doing great work to advocate for our residents and our program leaders, and I would be honored to continue to contribute to these efforts.

My career has centered on being a clinician-educator with a focus on research in education. My research interests include innovative approaches to graduate medical education, such as the flipped classroom, and the development of programs that utilize family and friends to improve the well-being of healthcare providers, including medical students, residents, and attending physicians.