AAAC Candidate – Berkowitz

Dan E. Berkowitz, MB BCh

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

I currently hold the Alfred Habeeb Endowed Professorship, and Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. As the Chair, I am committed to enhance and expand the academic footprint of this already outstanding anesthesia Department.

I have committed myself over the last 28 years to career in academic anesthesia as a true clinician scientist. After completing a residency and fellowship in cardiac anesthesia under the mentorship of Jerry Reves, Mark Newman and Debra Schwinn, and after receiving my first Critical CAre Medicine at Johns Hopkins, where I continued my career as a clinician scientist. After working in the laboratory of the physiologist and mentor Dr. Artin Shoukas, I established my own vascular biology laboratory, that was funded over the next 16 years y four NIH R01 grants, NASA funding, and foundation funding including the American Heart Association and FAER. I have also been an entrepreneur, having started two biotech companies.

I have been a longstanding member of the AUA, IARS, and regularly attend meetings and participate yearly in scientific programs. Over the years, I have mentored many undergraduates, graduates students, and post-doctoral fellows and visiting anesthesiologist, man who have received both foundations funding through FAER and the AHA, and a number who have gone on to be independent investigators with their own federal funding.

Given my longstanding academic career and history of mentorship and mentee success, I believe I would be a valuable member and contributor of this council.

I am hopeful you will consider my candidacy favorably.