Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Position: Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship
Contact Name: Lindsey Loveland, MD assoc PD / Dee McDonald coordinator
Contact Number: 414-266-6755
Contact Email: lloveland@mcw.edu

We seek 1-2 fellows post the 2017 match -typically an August 1 start date but off cycle/mid-year is ok -for the 2018-19 academic year. We are a large freestanding children's hospital routinely ranked amongst the nations top Childrens center. We are located in suburban Milwaukee. We offer 6-8 positions annually, and have 2nd year positions by arrangement, including an integrated 2 year program in pediatric anesthesia and pediatric plus adult pain leading to dual board certification. Salary and benefits are competitive and cost of living is modest. Please see our website for more detailed fellowship information.

Application Due Date: January 31, 2018