Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Click Here to download a copy of the proposed Bylaws amendments.

The following is a brief overview of the proposed Bylaws amendments for approval by the SAAAPM membership during the 2018 Elections.

Formation of AAPAE

On April 24, 2015 the SAAAPM Council agreed to support the formation of the Association for Anesthesiology Program Administrators and Educators (AAPAE) for a three-year trial period. As the three-year trial period concluded, the SAAAPM Council approved for the AAPAE to become a permanent organization of SAAAPM.

The Bylaws amendments form AAPAE as a society organization and identify the membership criteria. The number of SAAAPM Council members also increases so no less than half of the SAAAPM Council are AAAC members. Quorum is also changed to be the majority of SAAAPM Council members instead of a specific number.

Associate Membership

A proposal was presented to the SAAAPM Council on allowing individuals in positions such as Executive Educators/Vice Chairs and Associate Program Directors to become associate members of SAAAPM. The SAAAPM President created a Task Force consisting of a representative from each association represented by SAAAPM to develop the proposed Bylaws amendments.

The Bylaws amendments identifies Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine as an ACGME approved subspecialty for membership and defines the associate membership criteria for AACPD and AASPD. There will be no associate level membership for AAAC or AAPAE. All associate members would require nomination by their Department Chair and must be in one of the educational roles identified.


The SAAAPM Executive Committee had an inquiry about vacancies for the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee felt it was important for the Society to have a succession plan should there be any vacancies and to protect the institutional knowledge of the Society. There are currently procedures in place for the AACPD and AASPD, but not for AAAC and SAAAPM.

The language for AASPD promotions was changed to “higher education leadership position” to mirror AACPD. The Bylaws amendments update the process for filling vacancies for any Officer positions. It allows for Special Elections to fill vacancies for positions such as President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. The procedure for filling the Immediate Past President position was also clarified should an Immediate Past President no longer qualify for membership.

Voting Procedure

This voting will be done using an electronic balloting process concurrent to the SAAAPM elections. The advantage of this method is everyone who is eligible to vote (not just the members attending the Annual Meeting), will be able to do so. THERE WILL BE NO VOTING AT THE ANNUAL MEETING.

  1. On October 9, all members eligible to vote will receive an email from with your unique access key which can only be used to vote once and the link to submit your ballot.
  2. Click the link from ElectionBuddy, make your selection(s), click hit "Submit ballot" and your vote will be cast. You will receive an email from Electionbuddy that verifies you have voted.
  3. Elections will close on October 24 at 5:30pm (CST).

If you do not receive an email with your unique voter ID by Wednesday, October 10, please check your spam folder. If you still do not see the email, contact Andrew Bronson, CAE at the SAAAPM Office for assistance ( or 414-389-8619).