AASPD Candidate – Shahul

Sajid Shahul, M.D., M.P.H.

University of Chicago

My clinical focus is the use of innovative techniques in point-of-care echocardiography to optimize care and improve outcomes non-invasively for perioperative and critically ill patients. I divide my time as an attending anesthesiologist providing care in our three surgical Intensive Care Units and providing cardiac anesthesia care. I am absolutely dedicated to providing the best care to my patients and I innovate to improve upon current models of care.

My scholarship reflects this area of focus. In addition to my research papers and chapters on critical care topics, I have lectured nationally and internationally on echocardiographic management of shock and promoted patient safety through use of echocardiography in ICUs. Teaching and mentoring are a constant commitment and a great passion of mine and further reflect my area of clinical expertise and innovation. My specialties of Cardiac Anesthesia and Intensive Care bring together unique teaching opportunities that combine both didactics and hands-on procedural teaching. Constantly innovating with new ideas, I have sought to bring new approaches to teaching and learning that build upon and improve our current curriculum.

My clinical work, research, and teaching are built upon the singular principle of excellence in my field--to strive to provide the best care to critically ill patients, to conduct research that demonstrably improves patient care and outcomes, and to be an innovative educator who spreads new knowledge and techniques effectively among learners at all levels.