AASPD Candidate – Traynor

Andrea J. Traynor, MD

Stanford University School of Medicine

I am starting my 6th year as the OB Anesthesiology Fellowship Director and am still learning new things how to do this job every day. It has been an honor to serve on the AASPD Council for the past two years. I feel that I have been able to move our specialty forward with everything that I have learned from being on this council. I am leading the initiative to revise the Curriculum for OB Anesthesia, which will include the addition of echocardiography and point of care ultrasound training and enhanced peripartum consultations. If re-elected to this council I will continue to work with the members to enhance the experience of fellowship directors and fellows by solidifying our presence in the national match, enhancing our credibility with updated curriculum, and working with mentoring other program directors.