AASPD Candidate – Moeschler

Susan M. Moeschler, MD

Mayo Clinic

Hello! I am Susie Moeschler, a pain medicine physician, via anesthesia & regional anesthesia route, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I am in my fifth year as program director (and was an APD for 3 years before that). I was fortunate to have experienced great training and mentorship through my anesthesia residency, regional anesthesia fellowship and into my interventional pain fellowship. The role of the faculty, the support of the department and core programs is vital to the success of fellowships and to the training of fellows. I am involved with my institutional surgical graduate education committee and serve as vice-chair of the trainee well-being subcommittee.

My clinical and research interests focus on neuromodulation, including feedback to fellows regarding surgical skills in these cases. We have developed and implemented an assessment and feedback rubric over the past year. I am involved in committees through multiple national pain organizations as I believe it is important to collaborate with medical societies to continue to advance the science, research and education of pain medicine. I hope to have the opportunity to serve as a councilor representative of pain medicine fellowships on the AASPD board. Thank you for your consideration!