AAPAE Candidate – Yunker

Kristi Yunker, BSHA

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

With several years of holding an Associate Program Manager position at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Critical Care division, I know I will be an asset in promoting mutual understanding, academic collaboration, cultural and personal exchanges when executing the duties of a council member. I have coordinated numerous conferences, lectures, interviews and fellowship classes in conjunction with mentoring new associate program managers on our VUMC team. I am willing to provide some of my free time to administer the mentorship program. I will put being a council member near the top of my priorities and hold the position with honor.

Holding this position would further my knowledge of mentoring and allow me to broaden my knowledge of the SAAAPM program. I would use the skillset that I already implement daily to ensure all my council member duties are done to exemplary satisfaction.