AAPAE Candidate – Maugeri

Jane R. Maugeri, C-TAGME

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Jane is a seasoned and accomplished professional. She currently is the Anesthesiology Residency Education Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. Prior to coming to Jefferson Jane spent nine years as the Residency Coordinator for the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Jane has extensive knowledge of ACGME requirements, and is certified by the National Board for Certification Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education, C-TAGME. Jane serves on both regional and national boards supporting Graduate Medical Education and Residency Management. She is a member of the Massachusetts Society of Academic Medical Administrators, MSAMA Communications Committee, and has created a private Facebook networking group for GME Program Administrators and Educators, she also serves on the Northeast Regional Program Manager Networking Committee, Coordinator Description Task Force.