AAPAE Candidate – Lee

Amanda Lee, C-TAGME

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Amanda Lee is the Senior Program Coordinator for the Anesthesiology Core Residency Program within the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine. Amanda has been with the University for 15 years jumping into Graduate Medical Education from coordinating with providers on credentialing and risk management. She has been with the Department of Anesthesiology for over six years. In her role, along with managing the core residency program, she helps oversee the medical student rotations and fellowship programs within the department. Amanda is a participant of the department's Executive Leadership Committee, serves on the residency Clinical Competency Executive Committee, Curriculum Committee, Program Evaluation Committee and the Educational Programs Executive Committee. Amanda is also appointed to the Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee representing over 64 residency coordinators within the College of Medicine. Amanda is TAGME certified earning her certification in 2015. She holds an associate’s degree in HealthCare Administration from Oklahoma State University and is completing her bachelor’s in Leadership from the University of Oklahoma.