AACPD Candidate – Saddawi-Konefka

Daniel Saddawi-Konefka, MD, MBA

Massachusetts General Hospital

Brief Bio:

I am an Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine and the Program Director for the resident training program (since January 2017). I received my MD and MBA from the University of Michigan. After residency, I also completed a fellowship in medical education research. The focus of my research has been self-regulated learning, motivation, and feedback, all of which are highly relevant to Program Directors. I have involved myself in other national meetings, having given talks and workshops at the AUA, ASA and SEA. This year, I am one of the planners of the Saturday leadership seminar for all councils of the SAAAPM. I also am now serving as one of the members of the Education Advisory Board for the AUA.

Candidate Statement:

I am committed to contributing to our society as Secretary of the AACPD. I have attended every SAAAPM meeting since I became Program Director. It is hands-down the most useful meeting for what I do day-to-day, owing to the content of the sessions and the networking opportunities. I strongly believe in the mission of the SAAAPM and am committed to representing Program Director needs and helping continue to elevate the caliber of our education, care and research. I believe my background, ability to execute, and overlap with my position on the Education Advisory Board through the AUA would serve me and the Society well. It would be a privilege to serve in as Secretary of the SAAAPM, and I look forward to the opportunity if elected.